How to have a great roast dinner with no stress

I love a good roast dinner. I don’t mind if it’s a succulent chicken or a juicy pork joint with crunchy crackling, you just can’t beat sitting down with the whole family and tucking into the works. If you’ve not done it before then the idea of cooking a roast can seem daunting but it’s actually pretty straight forward, especially if you plan ahead. Here are my tips for making it a bit easier.

Do the maths first

The most complicated thing about cooking a roast is working out how much meat you need and how long to cook it for. After that you’ll be flying! For a roast I’d suggest between 150g and 200g per person depending on how many accompaniments you’re making but a much easier way is just to look at the meat on display in the supermarket and imagine it split into chunks for the number of people you’re serving. Does that enough to you? If in doubt go slightly bigger as everyone loves leftovers.

Most supermarket bought meat will have a guide on the label to help you work out how long to roast for to get the desired result. If not then the always reliable Delia has a guide here. I’d suggest working out the timing the night before so you can plan ahead and using a calculator or writing it down if you find it tricky.

Add some herbs

Nothing makes me feel more like culinary wonder than boosting flavours by just adding a few herbs. It’s so simple to put some thyme in with your chicken, rosemary and garlic with lamb or sage with your pork (or whatever combinations you fancy) and it makes all the difference to the finished product.

Don’t worry about the gravy

Making gravy from the meat juices can be really tasty but a bit of a faff at the last minute when you’re trying to get everything on the table still hot. If gravy granules just won’t cut it for you think about some of the pouches of ready made fresh gravy which just need to be heated. Much less hassle and really delicious.

Don’t spend time prepping your veg

There are so many options when it comes to veg that you’ll no longer have to spend ages peeling and chopping. You can get anything from beans to butternut squash all prepared and ready to pop into some boiling water. The quality and variety of frozen veg is also excellent so its always a good idea to have some in your freezer.

Cheat a bit to get the ‘roastiness’

Another short cut is to get ready prepared roast goodies, like potatoes, parsnips or Yorkshire puddings from Aunt Bessie’s, which go straight in the oven and save time and washing up.

See? It couldn’t be easier so just sit back and enjoy.

[Note: This post is brought to you in association with Aunt Bessies]



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