Fun in the Snow

We hardly had any snow this morning but pretty much as soon as Hubs and E left for work/school leave me and T having a PJ day it really started coming down. About 10:30 Hubs phoned to say he was going to come home as he was worried about the motorways and would pick E up on the way because his school is on a steep hill that people inevitably get into trouble on when it snows and you can get stuck for hours behind a yummy mummy who can’t work out how to get her urban 4×4 up it. 2 1/2 hours later they finally got back (phew!) and we spent the afternoon doing this:

Snow Fun Collage small

I think our snowman’s expression clearly shows my ambivalence to playing in snow but of course the boys had a brilliant time and many a snowball was flung. So that’s my good clean, healthy outdoor fun done for 2013, now back to the sofa with a warming cup of tea.

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  1. says

    Looks like you had a lovely time! My blog post yesterday was entitled ‘No Snow Day’ but it looks like overnight we had about 4 inches so at least kids can have a little play in it today :-)
    M x

  2. says

    What snowtastic fun! Love the wellies and love your snowman too.

    I know what you mean about 4×4 drivers who actually have no idea how to drive them. Does make me giggle.

    • Cat Parrott says

      Thanks Fi. I should say I’m all for 4x4s but we happen to live right in the center of a huge city. You really can’t get any less ‘off road’.

    • Cat Parrott says

      I was a bit unprepared and poor T didn’t have any wellies so I made Hubs walk over to our little high street (as I didn’t want him to risk anymore driving) and the only options were these pretty flower ones or even more girly ones with pink hearts. T thinks they’re brilliant though!

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