Small Change, Big Difference


Small change, big difference

Everyone is having to tighten their belts a bit at the moment, postponing those big ticket items until we’re feeling a bit more financially secure, but have you thought about the small, day to day things you spend? have put together a clever little interactive graphic where you can count up how many of those minor expenses (coffees, takeaways, snacks, glasses of wine etc) you have in a week and it will tell you how much you spend on them in a year. You can then say how much of that you’d like to try and save and it will work out how many of your treats you’d have to give up a week to make it. You can click over here if you’d like to have a go.

I really didn’t think I spent much on those types of things, I don’t smoke anymore which I know could have been a major expense and I’m not a big drinker (honest), but when I plugged all my figures in it told me I’m still spending over £700 a year on these things. Eek!

I asked the clever widget what I would have to do to save half of that cash and it gave me a sort of prescription of bits I needed to cut out. It has recommended I cut out takeaways and buying snacks while I’m out but leaves me my tall skinny sugar free vanilla lattes and the odd glass of wine. I do like the occasional takeaway but they do seem to have become much more expensive and those little snacks like muffins do add up so I think it’s good advice, not least for my waistline!

I’ve been doing my best for a couple of weeks and have been putting the money I think I would have spent aside and have amassed over £20 so far. This has come at the right time as Hubs and I are trying to be a bit healthier so we’re doubly motivated and we’re both quite surprised by how quickly we’ve saved a significant amount of cash. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep it up for a bit. Now we just have to decide what we’ll spend it on.

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