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Trophy picYou may be aware that MADs fever is currently gripping the parent blogging world. Nominations close at midnight tonight (18th Feb) so in case any of you were unsure of who to vote for I though I’d do you all the great service of giving you my recommendations. Take note William Hill and Ladbrokes, last year I did a rather good job of predicting the winners. I haven’t nominated in all categories as there are some I know nothing about but here are some of my tips for the top:

Blog of the Year: Mammasaurus

Annie manages to capture a little bit of everything in her blog from children to charity to campaigning against Page 3 all with a tongue in cheek sense of humour and eye-catching design. She is also one of the most generous bloggers you will ever come across. Annie is not only committed to helping other bloggers through sites her other sites such as Love All Blogs and WP Theme Tweeks but also devotes a lot of time to providing support or advice to people via facebook, twitter and google plus, sharing interesting new finds and tips and encouraging all of us to get the most out of blogging.

Best food blog: A Mummy Too

Emily started A Mummy Too as a broadly parenting blog before starting to focus more on the lovely recipes she was sharing. Since then she has covered all kinds or recipes from veggie curries to chocolate orange cupcakes and her photography of the end result is always gorgeous. She also hosts a fab ‘Recipe of the Week’ linky and did a brilliant series called ‘A Mummy Too Cooks With…’ where she got other bloggers to submit some of their favourite recipes and put her own twist on them.

Best craft blog: Here Come The Girls

I should say that some kind soul has actually nominated me in this category, I can only assume either through pity or sarcasm but Rebecca puts my pathetic efforts in the shade. Her wonderful blog is packed full of brilliant ideas for fun and educational crafts and activities. They are beautifully illustrated with pictures of her three girls getting stuck in and producing fantastic results. Her background as a teacher also means she is full of handy tips and suggestions that I would never have thought of.

Most innovative blog: Love All Blogs

LAB has become so much more than a blog. It’s a community, a resource and a showcase for old and new bloggers alike and a friendly and welcoming one at that. Annie and the team have been truly innovative in continually adapting and developing LAB to include things like the monthly sponsorship scheme and the forums for blogger brand interaction. I just can’t wait to see what they come up with next. I’ve already heard one little rumour that I think will be brilliant and I’m sure that’s not the only plan Annie is hatching for 2013.

Best school days blog: Actually Mummy

Helen writes from the point of view of her daughter with both funny and heartwarming results. She doesn’t shy away from the challenges of parenting a child at primary school and her honest and practical approach really shine through.

Best blog photography: HPMcQ

There’s lots of reasons to like Vanessa’s blog but her photography stands out above it all (and there’s plenty of it as she is embarking on her 2nd 365 project for 2013). She has beautifully composed shots, quick snaps of family life, scenes from her travels and I particularly like her great atmospheric images from around London.

So I hope that little run down has at least tempted you into heading over to some of these brilliant blogs and if you have a chance before midnight don’t forget to vote.

Image courtesy of Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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