The 5 iPhone/iPad apps that organise my life

organising chez larrsonWhen I first got my new iPhone 4s a while ago I was a bit overwhelmed by all the hundreds of apps I could get for it. I’m not much of a tech geek and don’t tend to dive into new gadgets, preferring to stick with what I know works. For the first couple of months I think I only downloaded the Facebook app and angry birds but since then I’ve got a bit braver. I’ve given lots of apps a try now, quickly discarding ones that weren’t immediately both useful and user friendly and thought I’d share the ones that I’ve come to rely on.

Facebook Pages Manager – I have a Yellow Days facebook page as well as my personal profile and the main facebook apps really don’t allow you to manage these properly because it is difficult to swap from one to the other and the admin side is limited. This app means I don’t miss any notifications and I can access my page stats and it works on both my iPhone and iPad.

Remember the Milk – Without a good ‘to do’ list my life would descend into complete chaos. I’m always forgetting things and even when I haven’t I worry that I have. This app is brilliant as it syncs one list between the iPhone and iPad so you can update it on the go. The tasks can be assigned to categories like ‘household’ or ‘blog posts to write’ and viewed separately or as one big list and filtered by due date. My favourite feature, and one that I’ve found often doesn’t work well with other similar apps, is that I can set recurring tasks like fortnightly or monthly cleaning tasks or paying nursery termly and once I complete one it drops in the next occurrence automatically.

One Note – I had to persevere a bit with One Note as I found it a bit fiddly to start with but now it means I have one place to store all my blog related information and the documents are synced between my laptop and iPad. It holds my monthly post plans, my list of open and upcoming competitions, a record of my invoices and whether they have been paid and is also where I draft my posts if I’m not at my desk.

BBC News – I’m a politics graduate and used to take great pride in knowing what was going on in the world but unfortunately news now takes a back seat to Power Rangers and the Alpha Blocks. This app means I can easily access good quality, reliable news on my phone and I can highlight the areas I’m most interested in so those stories are at the top. This was particularly useful when T was a baby and I could flick through with one hand while feeding him or getting him to sleep in silence.

Ocado – I hate supermarkets. I didn’t like them before I had kids and now I will not set foot in one unless it is an emergency. I now do all the grocery shopping online and just send Hubs out for the odd pint of milk or whatever we run out of. Some supermarket sites are more user friendly than others and it is the same with their apps. The Ocado app is so quick and simple to use even on the small screen of my iPhone. I quite often get into bed and then remember I meant to do the shopping and with this one I can get a whole thing done before Hubs even has a chance to start complaining about me being online. An absolute life saver.

I’m sure there are lots of others that you find useful so do leave me your recommendations.

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