Making your own Easter Eggs

This year I’d got some egg moulds from Lakeland so I could make our own Easter eggs and they also came with moulds for mini eggs so I decided to give them a try too by making egg shaped versions of chocolate covered gunny bears as well. I started with the big eggs, melting the white chocolate and painting layers into the mould until it was thick enough to hold its shape and then put them in the fridge to set completely. I decided to go for high class decoration, Haribo spring sweets stuck on with some extra chocolate and a pretty ribbon. Thorntons has nothing on me!

chocolate and haribo egg

I didn’t want to just make boring old plain chocolate mini eggs so decided to go for a gummy bear center. I put a thin layer of chocolate in the moulds and let it set, then dropped in the gummy bear and filled them up. Choctastic! Happy Easter!

chocolate gummy bears

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