Win a pair of Boden Girl’s Sunglasses and Retro Case

Win Boden girls sunglassesIsn’t it lovely to be seeing a bit of sun? I’m not a fan of winter. In fact if it wasn’t for Christmas I’d think it a complete waste of a season. Cold, damp, grey, dark…Yuck! But all it takes is one day of sunny weather and all is forgiven. Bring on the summer, I say!

Now the sun finally seems to be making an appearance I have a lovely prize to give away, a pair of girls sunglasses along with a pretty retro patterned case and cleaning cloth from Mini-Boden. These will be perfect for the summer weather we all have out fingers crossed for especially if your little one is a budding fashionista.

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning then leave me a comment telling me what is your favourite season then record your entry in the rafflecopter widget below. You can then get all the usual extra entries and record them too. The giveaway is open until Monday 6th May 2013.
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  1. Michelle Best says

    summer – always summer – no rushing to get kids ready for school. Might get a holiday and the kids get to be outside so much more – love summer!

  2. Rebecca Rosendale says

    I love summer, I love the school holidays with my children and not having to bundle up in a big coat.

  3. Rosalind Blight says

    They are all great for various reasons. I love spring as makes me feel good seeing the baby animals in the field and the blossom on trees. I love summer as love going to the beach and get the feel good factor when its sunny. I love autumn as I love the brown leaves and me and my children like autumn leave crunching walks and winter is great for splashing in puddles and wrapping up and going for nice crisp walks.

    If I had to choose would be summer though

  4. Caroline H says

    Each has its special things but I think I like Spring best. Everything starting to grow again and longer days give me a bit of motivation.

  5. julie kenny says

    I love Autumn – hoodies, hot chocolate, cuddles, jumping in crisp leaves, boots, jeans ….and Halloween x

  6. Zoe Whyman says

    Spring ! Definitely. My hubby has a theory that you like the season your birthday is it, from childhood enjoyment of that time…

  7. Fran Light says

    I love summer – seeing people outdoors enjoying the sunshine (well sometimes) and being able to wear light, floaty clothes in particular.

  8. Julie Davies says

    Winter is my favourite season, love the dark nights, snuggling up in front of the fire and Christmas

  9. KAREN TAYLOR says

    I guess my favourite is spring.The seed catalogues arrive through the door, the kettle goes on and my notebook starts to fill up with plans for the season’s colours and themes!

  10. Tracy C says

    Usually I love the spring, and the feeling of it heading back to good weather and long days but this year not so much

  11. katrina adams says

    Winter because I love being bundled up indoors when the weather is terrible and getting ready for Xmas. Wonderful…such a cosy time of year.

  12. Sherry Poppy Owen says

    Summer :) I love waking up to sunny mornings, it always feels like their are so much more possibilities to the day when the sun is shining! x

  13. Chris Bell says

    Spring as in this country that means you usually get a bit of everything! And smelling the freshly cut grass for the first time during a year is wonderful!

  14. says

    autumn – not too cold and still sunny enough for picnics, warm evenings, love the colours outside and the fashion x

  15. Beth Norfolk says

    Winter definitely – I love the cold weather and am not a big fan of the sun & heat! I love the snow

  16. Kayleigh Butler says

    Autumn is my favourite season. I like the crisp air and beautiful colours of the leaves

  17. helen spillett says

    It has to be winter, a crisp frost and the smell of winter in the air…and of course the childrens faces when the snow comes!

  18. says

    I love summer as it means I can put the roof down on my Figaro and go for leisurely drives in the beautiful Essex countryside :)

  19. Nina Motylinski-Davies says

    Definitely summer when we have it! Warm light evenings and everything is more positive and relaxed!

  20. Anthea Holloway says

    I love Autumn – they say you always love the birth season and I am an October girl! I love the beautiful colours of Autumn.

  21. sram says

    Spring, the lovely nip in the air complemented by the sunshine, plus the beautiful riot of colours.

  22. says

    I love Spring best when it first starts to get warmer,the days are lighter and new life begins to appear around us-baby animals,new flowers and Blossom appearing and an amazing array of colour begins to show itself.

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