Baking Made Easy with Sainsburys (and a chance to win two of their new kits)

Regular readers will know I love to bake. Sharing something homemade with family and friends is really satisfying and of course the end result (almost always) taste great. But, please don’t be shocked here, I’m not averse to cheating a little and using a shop bought kit on occasion especially when the boys are helping out. There’s no searching about for ingredients and very little measuring so the boys don’t have a chance to get bored. Unlike baking from scratch though, the end results can be variable in my experience.

Recently my sister and I headed up to Manchester for the Cake & Bake Show and I was intrigued to see Sainsburys had their own range of baking kits and picked up one of their Salted Caramel Cupcake Kits to try at home. E and I set about making them the next day and I was really impressed with the results. The kit contains not just the mix for the caramel cake (which rose wonderfully and was moist and light) but also one for the salted caramel icing (just delicious!), one for a drizzle to go over the top, a bag of little fudge cubes for decoration (just a few of those might have disappeared before making it to the cakes) and the often overlooked finishing touch of good quality attractive cases. Check out the results:

Salted Caramel Cupcakes from Sainsburys

I can honestly say they are the best quality ‘kit’ cakes I’ve come across and I’d really recommend them. I contacted Sainsburys to tell them how much I’d liked them and they told me they also had a new kit for making Rasberry Macarons if I’d like to give them a go. Now I’ve always been too nervous to attempt macarons, assuming they’d be too fiddly, so the idea of a kit really appealed. I baked these pretty pink treats today:

Sainsburys Raspberry macarons

Mouthwatering, hey? I probably wouldn’t try and make these with the boys as you need to add the mix to the whisked egg whites quite carefully to keep the air in the mixture and piping the mix into equal sized circles takes a steady hand. The pack comes with a disposable paper piping bag to help with this without leaving you extra washing up. There’s also an icing mix included for the filling. Although these don’t quite have the glossy perfect finish of the shop bought variety (this may be because my egg whites needed a little more whisking) I still think they’re pretty impressive and the combination of crisp outer and chewy middle is spot on. So well done Sainsburys!

The lovely folks at Sainsburys have given me some of their kits to give away. Two lucky readers will win both the cupcake kit and the macaron kit. All you need to do is leave me a comment telling me what you like to back at home and record your entry in the rafflecopter widget below along with any extra entries. The giveaway will run until Monday 3rd June 2013.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Laura Pettitt says

    I love to make fairy cakes with my son, or easy shortbread cookies. And I also make a pretty tasty banana loaf cake – Mmmm

  2. Matthew Short says

    Sadly my kenwood Chef mixer has broken so my baking days are few and far between at the moment!

  3. Anne Bethell says

    I do like baking but it is hit and miss whether it works. Still at least the anticipation is part of it all

  4. Tasha Corder says

    Muffins are my favourite, so easy and you can add whatever fruit you like, fresh or frozen :)

  5. Sarah Lambert says

    Me and my kids like to bake cupcakes,We enjoy experimenting with different fillings yummm

  6. Rachel Ray says

    I bake a lot of muffins because they are so quick, easy and have so many varieties but I really love to bake a lemon drizzle tray bake (though mainly because I like eating it afterwards

  7. Nefir says

    I love to bake everything. Especially creating my own recipes and making classic recipes healthier.

  8. Jackie Wells says

    i like to bake simple cakes that my sons can help me bake. They really like to see the cakes rise in oven

  9. Katherine L says

    I love baking everything!!! My favourite is bread and meringues but I’m also partial to cakes :)

  10. Vicky Blyde says

    I love baking pretty much anything, but as a westcountry girl I’m really all about the pasties and scones :-)

  11. Heidi Lee says

    I love baking – chocolate carmel slices, flapjack, fairy cakes, chocolate biscuits, brownies, cherry bake-wells. I love them all.

  12. jenny hayes says

    I love baking filled cupcakes, it’s always a nice to bite into a cupcake and find a surprise filling. I alwyas wanted to bake macarons though, but they seem a bit daunting!

  13. Ruth Barber says

    Cupcakes, then I can decorate them, and personalize my efforts more, like little butterfly ones, with jam.. yumm!

  14. Alanna Aldridge says

    I love baking bread – the smell, the taste, and feel all domesticated once i serve iT!

  15. Helen says

    I love to bake peanut butter cookies, they are delicious and I try to kid myself they are healthy

  16. Maria Turner says

    I like to bake tea breads, which hubby and I love served buttered and still warm. I also like baking my daughters favourite vegan friendly chocolate cake.

  17. Gemma says

    I’ve always been too scared to make macaroons but looking at yours…I think I should give it a go!

  18. Eleanor W says

    Lots of different things however I recently have learnt to make crumpie buns – they are nice for brunch!

  19. Julie Jingle Baxter says

    i love baking all sorts of things. i will always try anything once, choc chip cookies, brownies, bread, breadrolls, cakes, etc :)

  20. Ruth Grover says

    I have a Be Ro book and I had one when I used to bake as a child….my favourite,Melting moment….just lovely.

  21. Rebecca Kingston says

    Love to bake cheesecakes and birthday cakes! If it is a birthday everyone can rely on me to bring the cake!

  22. Chris Bell says

    Mince pies – Yeah I know but WHY do they only have to be for Christmas! I love them and my friends love me making them so there!! :)

  23. alison c says

    Im currently in the middle of baking some fresh strawberry cupcakes – there all baked waited to cool and have buttercream and strawberry’s popped on – hope they taste as good as im hoping :)

  24. Jenny Rogers says

    I like baking lots of different cakes, but my current favourites are lemon tray bake and cherry and lemon curd cake.

  25. Jamie says

    I like to bake anything really, but this morning i made a banana cake and a sticky sultana pudding in the microwave because we currently dont have any gas due to a gas pipe leaking :(

  26. Katherine D says

    I love to bake Nigel Slater’s Black Banana Loaf. It can’t be beaten fresh out of the oven.

  27. says

    I love baking pavlova because its fun and creating and my little boy loves adding the toppings. It also always brings a smile to the families face because everyone loves pavlova lol!! x

  28. Lesley Bain says

    My kids and I love to bake cupcakes, as that way we can decorate them all individually and have lots of fun with them :) x

  29. Amanda Olley says

    I love to make cupcakes, birthday cakes for people have done alsorts of things – dinosaur, mickey mouse, wrestling ring, winnie the pooh etc

  30. sam bailey says

    Im a traditional girl when it comes to baking and enjoy sponges and scones so maybe with some new equipment i will experiment more

  31. elaine stokes says

    Anything sweet and bad for you, cakes, biscuits and more cakes yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

  32. Linda says

    Everything I bake is low fat and low calorie. At the moment my favourites are low fat mocha muffins and low fat yoghurt cake.

  33. Katrina White says

    i love to bake cupcakes and then create different things with them – i made some burger cupcakes the other week and they looked and tasted yum!

  34. Rachael Ozimek says

    I love baking treacle sponge to have with custard :)

    The other half doesn’t mind it either

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