Apple and Cranberry Chelsea Buns

Apple & Cranberry Chelsea BunsI’m joining in with the Great Blogger Bake Off again this week. The theme is bread so I had attempted the ‘technical challenge’ of English muffins but I rolled out the dough a bit too thin and ended up with sort of flat bready pancakes so a second bake was definitely in order. Hubs is a fan of chelsea buns but I’m not that keen on raisins so I thought I’d adapt them to Apple and Cranberry Buns (two things I just happen to have in my kitchen today).

I started of with the basic dough recipe from the silver fox himself over on the BBC Food site so I won’t write that out again. While the dough was proving I made up my filling. I combined:

  • Apple and Cranberry Buns200g chopped apples
  • 100g dried cranberries
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 75g brown sugar

Once risen I rolled out the dough to about 20x30cm, spread on about 25g of melted butter then tipped on the filling spreading it right to the edges before rolling it up. I lined an 8″ square baking tin and cut the roll into 9 equal sized slices to fit the tin. If I did it again I’d probably go for a rectangular roasting tin and make 12 buns as these were massive. I left them to rise again for about 20 min and then baked at 170°c for 25 minutes.

Of course you’d normally ice buns like this but I knew hubs would want custard on his later and I quite like them plain so I left it off.

Apple and Cranberry Chelsea Buns

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