32 Autumn Family Traditions Printable #AutumnLove

Today – My Autumn family traditions. What’s your favourite Fall tradition?

This week’s drop in temperature has turned my attention to our Autumn family traditions. There are lots of things we love to do at this time of year and over time they have become traditions. Some are things that Hubs and I did as children and some are newer additions but they are all things we can enjoy doing together. Once I started planning things I realised we had quite a few activities to look forward to and decided to pull them together into a printable to share which you can download (including a low ink, printer friendly version) here.


32 Autumn Family Traditions Printable - Lots of activities for you to enjoy with your family to make the most of Fall. Do them every year and build memories that will last a lifetime. What's your favourite Fall tradition?

32 Autumn Family Traditions

  • JUMP IN A LEAF PILE – Collect your own or head to a park
  • WRITE IN FROSTY GRASS – Use your own footprints to write names or messages in the frosty grass
  • COLLECT A LEAF RAINBOW – How many different colours can you find?
  • DRINK HOT CHOCOLATE – A tasty warming treat
  • PICK BLACKBERRIES – Messy but fun!
  • MAKE BIRD FEED CAKES – Give the birds a helping hand before it gets too cold
  • TAKE A WALK IN A WOOD – Turn off your phones and surround yourselves in nature
  • HAVE A BONFIRE – Invite some friends too and wrap up warm
  • BUILD AN INSECT HOTEL – Another project to help your local wildlife
  • FAMILY FOOTBALL MATCH – In the garden or a park, there’s always time for a little healthy competition
  • PICK APPLES AND BAKE – Check out my 150+ Apple Recipes for Fall
  • BOARDGAME AFTERNOON – A cosy indoor activity for when the weathers against you
  • LIGHT THE FIRST FIRE – A lovely chance to gather together and enjoy the warmth
  • JACKET POTATOES COOKED ON A FIRE – Autumn still gives you plenty of opportunity to eat outside
  • CREATE LEAF RUBBINGS – A great educational activity for the kids that lends itself to making lovely decorations
  • APPLE BOBBING – Surprisingly tricky but lots of fun!
  • MAKE A HEDGEHOG HOUSE – Help your local hedgehogs and you might even see some babies in the spring
  • PLANT BULBS FOR THE SPRING – Foolproof gardening that the kids can get involved in easily
  • COLLECT CONKERS – Followed by arguing about the rules (usually!)
  • DECORATE A LEAFLESS TREE – Use your imagination to dress up a bare tree in the garden by hanging ornament or natural objects
  • MAKE A NEST BOX – More wildlife brownie points
  • DONATE A FOOD PARCEL – In the spirit of the Havest Festival donate to a local foodbank or charity
  • SEE SOME FIREWORKS – Who doesn’t love an evening of fireworks!
  • HOMEMADE SOUP – It’s the perfect time to experiment with some new flavours (like my Roasted Butternut Squash and Sage Soup)
  • CARVE A PUMPKIN – Obviously!
  • GO FOR A PICNIC – They’re not just for summer!
  • ‘THANKFUL’ FAMILY DINNER – Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as such it’s nice to take some time to think about what you are all thankful for
  • BISCUIT OR PARKIN BAKING – Parkin is traditional but any family baking will do
  • NEW JUMPERS AND SLIPPERS – A treat for everyone to celebrate the coming cold
  • OUTDOOR FAMILY PHOTO – Get a picture of everyone enjoying the outdoors
  • TOAST MARSHMALLOWS – Indoors or out, they’re tasty either way!
  • COSY UP TO WATCH A FILM – The perfect time of year for a family movie afternoon

So those are our favourite Autumn family traditions. What are yours?

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What do you think?

  1. Cute! I love the idea of making a traditions list according to the season or holiday. It can be like a checklist, or a way of sharing ideas with your friends. I always get a little sad if a tradition gets skipped, or if I’m not with my family for some of the events. The great thing about growing up is that you can add your own traditions and start making your own list.

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