Christian Christmas Crafts: 10 simple projects you’ll love

Today: Christian Christmas Crafts and Activities- a collection of my 10 favourite religious Christmas crafts for kids

Christian Christmas Crafts - a collection of my 10 favourite religious Christmas crafts for kidsEver feel like Christmas and all the hooplah surrounding it can get to be a bit much? It seems to get bigger and more elabourate every year and less about what really matters.

Now it’s obviously hard to completely avoid all the consumerism and hype (and let’s be honest, flying reindeer and twinkling lights are fun in their own way) but sometimes it’s nice to encourage the kids to stop for a minute and take some time to think on what it’s all about.

Whatever your family’s beliefs, these lovely activities based around the first Christmas are great to do together. They’re a timely reminder of the simple things we can all celebrate, family, hope, new beginnings. I hope you enjoy them.

10 Christian Christmas Crafts

Christian Christmas Crafts - a collection of my 10 favourite religious Christmas crafts for kids to help you connect with the real meaning of Christmas.

1 – Simple Stone Advent Calendar Nativity Scene

2 – Walnut Shell Manger Ornament

3 – Pinecone Angel

4 – Nativity Shadow Puppet Set

5 – Oh Little Star Ornament

Christian Christmas Crafts - a collection of my 10 favourite religious Christmas crafts for kids to help you connect with the real meaning of Christmas.

6 – Nativity Story Stones

7 – Names of Jesus Advent Bulbs

8 – Spice Jar Lid Star Ornament

9 – Tassel Angel Ornament

10 – Craft Stick Nativity Stable

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little selection of religious Christmas crafts and activities. They are just the kind of simple projects that encourage everyone to slow down for a few minutes and work together on something that reminds them of the real meaning of Christmas.

I think we can all agree that at this hectic time of year that can only be a good thing!

Merry Christmas Crafting!

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Halloween Bat Templates

Today – Free printable Halloween Bat Templates for bat decor and crafts. A bat cut out to use as a stencil for all your Halloween projects.

Free printable Halloween Bat Templates for you bat decor and crafts. A bat cut out to use as a stencil for all your Halloween projects.I have to admit to getting a bit overexcited in the run up to Halloween. It’s such fun with so many great activities to do with the kids. I love getting stuck in but I’m not the most artistic (to put it mildly!) so I find it really helpful to have something to work from when attempting all my bat crafts.

Halloween Bat Cut Out

I’ve collected up these printable Halloween Bat Templates with a variety of looks to help out. You can use a bat cut out as a stencil or just as inspiration for your bat projects. Just click the button below to download the templates.

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9 Super Cute Easter Crafts To Make With Your Kids

Today – 9 fabulous easy Easter crafts from the Queen of Craftiness, Maggy from Red Ted Art

9 fabulous easy Easter crafts from the Queen of Craftiness, Maggy from Red Ted ArtEaster is right around the corner. Wasn’t it just Christmas? It may have come seemingly quick but I am not upset. The sun is shining more, it’s not so dreary out (even if it is raining), and beauty is beginning to form again outside.  Plus, any reason to make cutsie crafts and decorations is okay by us! For us, Easter is all about everything from Pom Pom Chicks to easy Bubble Recipes.

We love doing crafts that are spring related and I just love making crafts to fill my kids’ Easter baskets. Anything that can substitute a ginormous basket full of candy is perfect in my book. Here are some of my personal favourite easy Easter Crafts.

Easter Crafts

Grab some pretty yellow yarn and these darling Pom pom chicks can be made. My girls carry them around like they are real chicks because they are just that sweet. They are perfect for this Easter season!

If there’s one thing that the Easter Bunny always brings, it is bubbles. We like to spend more time outdoors & play with this great Bubble recipe. It’s simple to make and the bubbles are sturdy and big!

If you have a couple book worms in your house, like I do, this Easter Bunny Bookmark is super adorable and easy to make! {There are more Easter Corner Bookmark Ideas here}

When it comes to decorating, we do it big. From one season or holiday to the next, we are always making and creating to display in our home. These Paper Chick Craft are fun as well as these Paper Bunny Ornaments!

9 fabulous Easter crafts from the Queen of Craftiness, Maggy from Red Ted ArtIf you are trying to get away from candy in this year’s Easter basket, these Dino Egg Soaps make a great alternative! If you have a dinosaur enthusiast, these are an absolute must!

Another thing we love about spring is gardening. These Grass Heads are a super fun way to kick off the growing season!  Gardening is like starting fresh life in the new season!

Another fun afternoon activity that can turn into decorations is this Easy Origami Bunny. Even beginner paper folders will have fun with this project!

The Easter Bunny always brings one big{ger} gift. A sweet doll or stuffed animal is always fun and this Bunny Doll Pattern is extra cute! I made one for each of my girls and they absolutely love cuddling with them all year round.

These beautiful Free Colouring Pages for Easter are a fun way to de-stress during the holiday weeks or to add as decoration to your home. They would be gorgeous in a frame on the mantle!

Spring is one of my favourite seasons with the beautiful flowers, baby animals, and of course decorating with bunnies & colourful eggs. These easy Easter crafts are simple, inexpensive and fun. They all make me so happy for spring, like a giddy little girl! They all make wonderful Easter basket fillers, gifts for a friend, home decorations for the holiday, or activities for you and your kids.

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10 of the Best Stylish & Easy Eco-friendly Cork Crafts

Today – Eco-friendly cork crafts to beautify your home with used corks.

10 of the best stylish and eco-friendly cork crafts - fun with your used corksIf you’re looking for some crafting projects that are eco-friendly, affordable and stylish, look no further than these…

10 Easy Cork Crafts!

Cork is a sustainable material and if you like a glass of wine, why not save your bottle corks and have a go at some of these crafts (alternatively, you can buy them in packs from all good craft stores!)

DIY cork letter

Cork letter craftDecorate your home with this wonderfully versatile cork letter craft! Chose any letter, number or symbol to create, alternatively, try out a word or phrase to make if you feel ambitious!

Cork trivetcork trivet

Make this stylish yet eco-friendly cork trivet, saving tables and work surfaces from burn marks. These also look great as a placemat for any dining table in need of some boho chic!

Cork eco friendly bath matEco friendly Bath Mat made from used corks

Why settle for a grubby old towel as a bath mat, instead how about this environmentally friendly bath mat made from cork! Surprisingly, it doesn’t take long to create and looks fantastic in any bathroom!

Cork vase

DIY Cork vaseGlass and ceramic vases can look so boring compared to the pretty flowers they hold, so why not spruce them up with this cork vase tutorial! You can also paint over the cork to make it more colourful too.

Cork sail boats

Cork BoatsIf you’re looking for a bath time toy for a child, these floating sail boats utilising bottle corks are great to make for a crafting afternoon and bath play time!

Shrub cork magnets

Planter wine used cork craftsAdd some green into your home with these adorable cork plant magnets! Easy to make, they look good on any fridge.

Boho chic cork chandelier

10 Cork Crafts - ChandelierAdd some more Boho chic into your home with a low price tag. Not only is this craft inexpensive to make but it’s far more sustainable and environmentally friendly compared to most chandeliers!

Cork USB flash drive

Cork crafts - USB flashdriveAdd some style to those boring black USB sticks, with this incredibly simple tutorial from SnapGuide.

Cork key chain

Cork crafts - Key chainPersonalise these cute cork keychains so you can differentiate all your key sets! These also make personalised fantastic gifts for any friend (and great if you drop them in a deep puddle, they’ll float!)

Cork photo clip holder

Cork Crafts - Photo holder


Frame your favourite memories and display them anywhere with these photo clips, no hooks, nails or wall hanging required!

If you’ve been inspired by these eco-friendly and sustainable cork crafts, we have found that you can even buy bags and shoes made from cork!

Kortici from Portugal sells an incredible range of cork fashion accessories on etsy, our favourite by far is this bag!

Cork Purse

Po Zu also have fantastic cork shoes!  These cool cork sneakers are available in the original cork style or in various different colours.

Cork Sneakers-pozu

Or if you want a more feminine, light and simple, these cork flats are SO fashionable right now!

25 Christmas Fine Motor Skill and Learning Activities

Today – A collection of Christmas themed fine motor skill activities and learning activities for pre-schoolers and younger primary school children.

25 Christmas Fine Motor Skill activities and Learning ActivitiesPretty much everything pre-schoolers do are learning activities in one way or another but today I have a collection of Christmas crafts and activities which will either give those fine motor skills a work out or provide a fun opportunity so see some science in action. Learning should be fun, after all!

Fine Motor Skills & Learning Activities for Christmas

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