6 Tips To Ensure Cupid’s Arrow Strikes You

You might have heard that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all! Falling in love gives your life a purpose, but the true essence of love is in its madness. You may like someone’s intelligence, good looks, or sense of humour. However, you cannot spend your entire life with them based on one or two compatible traits only. You may find yourself helpless and lost, especially when you don’t feel butterflies in your stomach or miss a heartbeat upon seeing the person you admire. When you do feel all those feelings, you know that you are with the right person.

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Psychology claims that love can be controlled. Not only controlled, but you can also deliberately fall in or out of love. Various experiments in biological sciences have revealed that serotonin and oxytocin hormones promote prosocial behaviour in humans and chemical-based hormone boosters can be used to ensure that the cupid’s arrow strikes you. Psychology provides convenient, effective and better solutions for controlling love, without interfering with the natural hormone production or other chemical reactions in your body.

If you are looking to find love, then the following tips will guide you.

1.     The 60-Second Blessing

Psychologists believe that when you meet someone regularly there are high chances of you being attracted to that person. As the relationship grows, a majority of people learn to complain more. This way, you focus more on their negatives, which ultimately eradicates your chances of falling in love.

The 60-second blessing is the practice of counting a person’s good habits and attributes, which transfers your focus on their positives and increases your chances of falling in love with that person.

2.     Plan a Vacation Together

The idea of a vacation, having just you and the person you like does not need to be a romantic wanderlust on far islands. You can plan an adventurous trip to a place nearby where you can spend more time together. This way you will learn more about each other and figure out if you are compatible or not.

3.     Psychic Love Reading

If you have never believed in a psychic love reading, then it’s time to embrace its power. Psychic love readings have various branches, such as tarot card readings or love mapping. A psychic love reading provides in-depth meaning of different expressions and events in your life and answers your questions by evaluating your situation. The purpose of a psychic love reading is to extract the essentials and reject the unnecessary details. For example, the collection of positive, negative and neutral expressions have left you confused and worried. A psychic love reader which can be found online at popular sites like PsychicWorld will evaluate all the expressions and pick out the essential meaning to help you find your way.

4.     Share a Hobby

Psychics believe that regular interaction brings hearts closer. Share a hobby with the person you like, such as going to a music class, gardening, evening walk, morning jog, etc. If you are willing to invest your energies in a more productive manner, then you can volunteer at an NGO or join a cause with the person you like to find love.

5.     Take a Break/Don’t Obsess

When you like someone and are not sure if you are in love or not, the right thing to do is to give yourself a break. Obsessing over the person you admire can complicate your relationship. Give yourself some time to figure out what you actually want. Meanwhile, spend more time with nature or participate in activities that bring you peace and satisfaction. You can voluntarily work with an NGO or raise funds for feeding the homeless people in your locality. The production of love hormones increases when you are satisfied.

6.     Express More

Express more and often, not only to the person you like, but to every important person in your life. Learn to ask for forgiveness and show gratitude. Say hello, praise someone and don’t forget to give yourself a compliment at least once a day. When you learn to love yourself, you learn to love the people around you. Your positive energy unites with the positive energy of people and they will return it to you with lots of love and positivity.