Getting Started With Weightloss

Getting started on your weightloss journeyWe all know that to lose weight and keep it off requires a long term change in lifestyle and a real commitment but before you can get to that point you have to first tackle the hurdle of getting started. How do you summon up the motivation to embark on that journey? How can you give yourself the best chance of being successful? Here are some simple first steps to get your weightloss off to the right start.

Ask your GP about weightloss

A good place to start, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose or other health problems, is a chat with your GP. They can provide a lot of advice specific to you personal situation and help you approach weightloss in a way that will be safe and effective. They may be able to arrange for you to access slimming clubs or exercise classes free of charge and of course in some cases they may be able to prescribe medication or even surgery to help. NHS Choices has lots of information on how your GP can help and also has a great downloadable 12 week programme including weekly templates for recording your progress.

Give some thought to why you have gained weight

Simplistically, you know you gain weight when you eat more calories than you burn off but try to think a little deeper. What makes you do that? Is it the particular types of food you choose or maybe you over eat under certain circumstances? Are there emotional triggers for your behaviour or is it more about the practicalities of your day to day routine making it easier to make poor food choices? Think back to times when you have been healthier. What was different then and how can you try and replicate those conditions?

Consider a structured programme

Although they are not for everyone, many people gain a lot of support and motivation from a structured programme like Weightwatchers or Slimming World. They can provide a lot of information as well as a regular way to meet up with others to share your progress.

Think about activity as well as diet

When it comes to weightloss, activity and diet are two sides of the same coin. Every calorie you burn off with activity is another one you don’t have to lose with diet and of course increasing your activity levels is also great for your health in the long run. It’s easy to have a really negative attitude to exercise thinking back to miserable school PE lessons but there is such a great variety of options now you’re sure to be able to find something that suits you. You might even enjoy it!

Make a plan before you start

Is it the scouts who promise to ‘be prepared’? Well take a leaf out of their book and make a plan for your weightloss journey before your dive in. What food so you need to get? What food do you need to get rid of? What activity are you going to do and when/where will that be? Have you made an appointment to see your GP and printed out a template to record your weightloss and food intake?

Team up

You’re far from the only person who wants to lose weight and finding a partner or even a small group of people to work together with can make all the difference. They can help you stay motivated during a tough week and share their own tips and hints for tasty low calorie snacks or fun gym classes they’ve tried.

Consider supplements

There are all sorts of supplements available to support weightloss. They work in a variety of ways, fat binding, suppressing your appetite, blocking the absorption of carbohydrates or boosting your metabolism for example so it is very important that you fully understand what your taking and the effect it will have along with any risks. If you want to try them, sites like can help you choose the best slimming pills for you.


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