PR, Disclosure and T&C


The boys and I love reviewing products. I’m happy to include links to relevant sites, pictures of the product and details of price and stockists as appropriate. Please contact me before sending any products so we can make sure it is suitable and agree a timescale for the review. Integrity is important to me and my readers so please be aware that the review will reflect our honest opinion of the product and will make clear what payment or gifts we have received. Here are some examples of our reviews:

Talk about a treat…

Chicco Jimmy Thunders Remote Control Car for Toddlers

Sponsored Posts

When I have been paid to write a post or to publish a post written by a company this will be clearly stated. Here is an example of a sponsored post:

The Busy Mum’s Guide to a Happy Holiday Season

Advertising & Sponsorship

Yellow Days has a rapidly increasing number of regular readers and you can read about our rankings and awards here. If you are interested in advertising on Yellow Days or arranging sponsorship then please get in contact. Details of our affiliate partners can be found here.


Sometimes I will use a post to raise awareness of a charity or not for profit organisation that I consider important, for example the Save the Children campaign for more healthworkers in developing countries. I have not and will never take any form of payment for doing this.

Full Terms and Conditions of use can be found here.