Goddess (of the domestic variety)

In an effort to inspire some Easter spirit (is there such a thing?) I have been channelling my inner domestic goddess.

First I decided to try and make some chocolate cornflake nests with E. Easy right? We decided to push the boat out a bit and add some nuts and dried cranberries because that’s just how I roll. It was all going terribly well for the first few minutes until I slightly over warmed the chocolate and it all went a bit lumpy. Not easily deterred, this just gave E an excuse to get his hands in the mixture and try and shape it into not particularly nest like lumps which we just hid under a bit more chocolate and a mini egg. I’m sure you’ll agree they are a thing of beauty.

Next we moved on to biscuits. E is a big fan of both biscuits and icing so I thought we’d have our first go at the whole piping/flooding malarkey. As you can see this is where my artistic flair really came to the fore.

Of course finally there is nothing that can’t be improved by bunting. Seriously, whack some up, you’ll feel better for it. If you look closely you will also notice duck and rabbit hand puppets expertly sewn and decorated by yours truly last year. Can you believe I have not had a single nomination for the MADS craft award? I know, it’s a travesty!

So what do your family do for Easter?

[Throughout April I’m taking part in the A to Z Challenge. This is my post for G. Yesterday I blogged about Football.]

What do you think?

  1. I love the icing, I find making designs with icing so difficult, I just don’t have a steady hand for it.

    • Thank you but I think I need more than a steady hand to save my biscuits. I love that you can hardly tell which were mine and which were done by E.

  2. Cute stuff and I am impressed! Easter around here is much more subdued and less crafty. Both of my children aren’t children anymore (I know, pass the Kleenex…) so we don’t generally decorate eggs or anything unless I can cajole them into participating. They love their baskets still though, so they are filled with goodies grown kids enjoy – chocolate, gift cards to coffee shops and money…ah, the times, they are a changin’!

    Our family usually attends our church service and then the baskets ‘appear’ after returning home. We will sometimes have a nice lunch shared with extended family.

    Happy Easter to you and yours!
    Continued fun and frivolity on the A-Z Challenge!

    • I decided the best thing was just to distract people from the rather unappetising state of the nest themselves with flags and pretty cases 😉

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