5 Easy Space Crafts for the Under 5s

Before Christmas we had the chance to go to the National Space Centre in Leicester (I’ll be posting a review of the centre soon). To make the most of the day we have spent some time before and since on space related activities and easy space crafts so we can talk about the solar system, the big bang, space travel and even aliens.

5 Easy Space Crafts for the Under 5s

Fellow bloggers (as well as Pinterest) have been a source of so many project ideas I thought I’d share some of my favourites:

Papier Mache Solar System Red Ted Art

1 Papier Mache Solar System – Red Ted Art

A simple idea that leads to discussions about the relative sizes of the things that make up our solar system and what they are made of.

Making Craters Science Sparks

2 Making Craters – Science Sparks

A chance to show how the craters we can see on the moon were made and how different sizes and directions of impact affect the shape and depth of the crater.

playing with lunar landscape learning skills

3 Lunar Landscape Sensory Play – Imagination Tree

An opportunity to talk about what the astronauts might be doing on the moon or even what it might be like to live there while developing those all important fine motor skills (and who doesn’t need a recipe for moon dust!)

Space Spelling

4 Spaceship Spelling – Here Come The Girls

Make practicing spellings fun with a tray of sparkly space dust and a rocket pen.

Star Cakes

5 Star Cakes – A Mummy Too

There’s a cake for any occasion in my opinion and I don’t need much excuse for baking. Star cakes allow you to talk about what stars are actually made of, how very hot they are and the fact they are actually spherical.

All these easy space crafts have helped the boys, E especially, get so much more out of his trip to the National Space Centre so a big thanks to everyone who contributed their ideas before and since. There’s a huge number of other great space related activities that I couldn’t fit in here so if you’d like to find some head over to my space pinterest board. You can also look forward to a post on space based kids books here very soon.

More craft posts from some of my favourite bloggers:

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    • Cat Parrott says

      Thanks Emily, I’m easily persuaded to make cakes at any time so these were a perfect excuse and I got to use our star-shaped cases.


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