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Holiday bedtime tips

Holiday Bedtime Tips

Bedtimes can be challenging at the best of times (I've written about bedtime routines before) but being away from home with the combination of excitement, new experiences, time zone changes and unfamiliar surroundings can really throw a spanner in the works. As with most aspects of parenting, it's taken us a few years of trying different approaches to find what works best so here are my top tips for a hassle free holiday bedtime along with some advice from a few of my favourite parent ... read more

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Notting hill Baby Spa

Notting Hill Baby Spa with Huggies Wipes

Once you have children there's decidedly less time to spend on lovely indulgent activities like going to a spa or so I thought before I was invited to an event being organised by the Huggies Wipes team to celebrate the release of their new 'Pure' wipes. It was to be held in a spa in Notting Hill but ... read more

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