Win the 3M Ultrathon range of long lasting insect repellent (RRP £25)

As if our rubbish weather this year wasn’t bad enough in itself it’s also likely to lead to increased numbers of mosquitoes, ticks and other biting insects.


I hate Mosquitoes!

As well as bites being itchy and quite often making a random part of your body puff up to three times its usual size there’s actually also a risk of contracting horrible illnesses from ticks like lyme disease. Enough to ruin anyone’s holiday!

The key to staying safe according to Ray Mears (and let’s be honest, he knows a thing or two about this sort of thing) is not to go for the insect repellent with the most DEET because that evaporates quickly leaving you unprotected later but actually to find one that will release the DEET over the longest period.

3M have developed their range of Ultrathon long lasting insect repellents to keep you safe for up to 12 hours and are kindly giving away a set made up of:

  • 60ml lotion (12hr protection)
  • 125ml spray (8hr protection)
  • 100ml pump spray (12hr protection)

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning then leave me a comment telling me where is the most annoying place you’ve had an insect bite. I had one on the sole of my foot once, aargh! You can get all the usual extra entries by tweeting etc and recording it in the rafflecopter widget below. The giveaway will run until Tuesday 2nd July.

The Ultrathon range is available from Amazon, Tesco, The Co-operative pharmacy, and

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. tracyJo says

    On my big toe, it wasnt so much annoying, just stung like mad, though I was a child then so probably hurt more and I wouldnt stop screaming!

  2. sarah birkett says

    everywhre but in an effort to keep it clean, behind my ear just where the arm of my glasses sit

  3. Alison M says

    While in Cairn’s Australia, was bitten on the foot by something. Was intensely itchy so after 2 days being driven mad (and my ankle starting to swell), went to a local pharmacy for something…told the lady behind the counter who said…”well, you’re still alive so wasn’t one of our more deadly residents at least!!”

  4. lyn burgess says

    On a long weekend away, with only one pair of shoes, I was bitten on the foot right where by strap of my shoe. Boy was it sore and itchy. New sandals were rapidly purchased.

  5. Liz Simpson says

    On my eyelid – the swelling closed my eye completely and made me look distinctly unattractive.

  6. Louise Lumsden says

    midge bites on my eyelid because I could feel them with every blink and Scottish midge bites last for weeks,vile!

  7. Dawn Taverner says

    on the back of my neck….as i cant see it and calm my niggling mind that its just an insect bite and not the start of some horrific disease like smallpox!! haha!

  8. Ritchie says

    I had a horse fly bite on my eyelid which swelled up so much that I look like I’d done 10 rounds with David Haye.

  9. liz denial says

    When I was in Mexico I had hundreds of bites which all went septic. The worst ones were between each of my fingers, they turned into massive blood blisters :(

  10. Tammy Tudor says

    Embarrassingly on my bottom and now i have a big scar :( I couldn’t sit down or walk without crying for days haha what a holiday but I am able to laugh about it now!

  11. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    They’re all awful, when I visit my sister in Mallorca I tend to get bites around my ankles that swell up horribly. But the most annoying would have been in a rather embarrassing place…weeing in bushes when out walking for miles in the hills is a dangerous occupation!

  12. Gilla01 says

    Middle of my back – just couldn’t reach it! Drove me crazy. I wanted to do a Baloo from Jungle Book and keep rubbing my back against trees and things.

  13. kathleen hooper says

    on my ankle, which then turned into cellulitis, I couldn’t walk for 2 weeks and was on antibiotics for 3

  14. frances hopkins says

    I’ve started swelling up after getting bitten so anyway is very annoying as it seems to irritate everything

  15. Tracy Newton says

    My ankle. I kept scratching it with the sandal that was on my other foot. It got infected, the infection spread up my leg and I became really ill.

  16. Pamela Downey says

    on the corner of my eyebrow near the eye lid, it swelled so much I could hardly open my eye for a day

  17. Sheila Sloan says

    On my belly. It turned septic and ended u in hospital on iv antibiotics after having it lanced in theatre.

  18. Karen Barrett says

    On my feet a couple of weeks ago, twenty bites on one foot and fifteen on the other! There was only the tiniest bit of flesh showing and the little blighters found it.

  19. Adele Hill says

    on the top of my foot, which swelled up so I was unable to where shoes and my foot hurt every time I stood on it.

  20. Liz ferguson says

    On my nose .. It wasn’t all that painful,or itchy after the initial sting .. but, if seemed to me that I had the Himalayas on the side of my nose. I almost went crossed eyed looking at it .. although, everyone else said it was the size of a pin prick!

  21. Pippa Saunders says

    I had three infected mosquito bits on my eye lid (whilst I was sleeping) when I woke in the morning my eye was so swollen I couldn’t open it!
    Looked like the elephant man!

  22. Becky Shorting says

    forehead! whats worse is it looked like a massive spot and i kept scratching it without thinking until i had a massive scab! shame!

  23. Gemma Clark says

    just come back from Monterrico and the mossies were bad, i got a bite on my thumb right near my thumb nail…was really annoying

  24. Elizabeth Smith says

    under the strap of my hiking sandals (although under the underwired bit of my bra comes close second)

  25. Jeremy Hards says

    On the top of my foot. It became so swollen I couldn’t get my shoe on. My girlfriend thought it was justice as the same happened to her on holiday the previous year

  26. Joanna Sadler says

    Got one right now under my arm near the armpit, it’s very puffed up and stings like hell every time it rubs against my clothes (which is all the time!)

  27. Naomi Buchan says

    I won an incentive at work and was sent to a hotel in Florence that was riddled with bedbugs. I didnt know until it was too late and had over 40 bites all over my body including on my ears, it was horrendous!

  28. Rebecca Brown Forden says

    Going to Venice in 4 weeks and there the mosquitoes are called tiger mosquitoes, I desperately need something to stop me getting bitten to death

  29. Jennifer Sample says

    My blood is tasty to these little blighters and I always seem to get bitten but the most annoying/painful one was on my eyelid – ouch

  30. Faye Huntington says

    On the crease of my elbow!! Although on one holiday to Italy four years ago, I got a total of ….. 56 bites all over my body!!!! With love, Faye xx

  31. Lorna Craig says

    I got badly bitten by mosquitos in Canda 2 years ago. The burning itch drove me demented! the worst one has to be in my ear(they got everywhere!) cos I couldn’t get a decent scratch at it!

  32. Caroline H says

    My waist. It rubbed on all skirts and trousers and I didn’t have anything in the way of winter dresses when I returned home!

  33. Denise S says

    on my ear , swelled up and incredibly uncomfortable , was in italy distracted me from the lovely food!!

  34. Laura Ingham says

    In the garden!! Sorry, couldn’t resist that – the worst place was on my face as it showed.

  35. Jill fairbank says

    If there’s a bug it bites me! My grandma threw out a bed when I was younger thinking it was that but I guess I am just tasty and react quite badly too anything!

  36. Michaela says

    Well when i went to barbados I got biten from head to toe and my leg even swelled up but the ones on my neck really hurt :(

  37. Amanda says

    On my Ankle when doing a trekking holiday, so wearing walking boots with a swollen ankle/leg/foot that rubbed the bite was really not fun!!! This is how I got the knickname ‘CankleEater’ from my lovely frineds!!!

  38. Jamie says

    I think the only time i’ve been bit was by a bee when i was like 3 years old – guaranteed i get bit later on today now :(

  39. Hannah Whitling says

    Inbetween my fingers, it was made far more itchy than other bites I’ve had due to the rubbing and it being made warmer from whenever I held my fingers closed together.
    Back of the knee too, as that was ridiculously itchy, think the skin is more sensitive there, along with being made too warm whenever my knee was bent.

  40. Natalie Henderson says

    Inside thigh! Don’t know how it got there but you certainly couldn’t itch it in public!! :)

  41. Lynda Pace Avery says

    All insect bites are annoying and they LIKE me whereas they leave my husband alone, however the most annoying place I was bitten was on my heel in the hard skin so it didn’t matter how hard I scratched I just couldn’t get to it.

  42. LORNA WIL says


  43. Jayne B says

    On the backside when I had to stop in the bushes to relieve myself at night on the way back from a club – my bum was covered in irritating bites!!!

  44. Alyson Guy says

    On the scalp, nicely hidden by hair but unfortunately right on top of a a bump I had the previous day. It itched like mad but was agony to touch and I couldn’t get cream onto it without making my hair look greasy.

  45. Lisa Pope says

    I had a mossie bite on my achiles tendon area of my heal which turned into a big huge boil – yuk I couldn’t even get my shoes on!

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