Top 6 Fun Activities for 6 Year Olds

Top 6 Activities for 6 year oldsMy eldest daughter, Molly turned six in June. With six came a bit more attitude, a bit more confidence and a lot more fun. It’s such a great age. Six year olds seem to bubble over with fantastic ideas and enthusiasm. Their imaginations are so big and their skills are developing enough that you can really get stuck in with activities for 6 year olds.

These are our top 6 favourite activities for 6 year olds at the moment:

1. Making things out of cardboard boxes

I love the fact whenever we have a box or some packaging my daughter comes up with something we could make out of it. She always wants to do it there and then which isn’t always possible but her enthusiasm is infectious. I always like being distracted from the mundane household chores to make a car or a cardboard box train. Here is the one which is currently taking over the living room complete with it’s own tunnel.

Cardboard box train and tunnel

2. Baking

My five year old loves to get in the kitchen and help. I like it too because she always does the messy things like split the eggs. I have to be in the right mood though, so I have the patience. The only problem is that I can’t do too much baking as I just want to eat it all. I do try to do more savoury things with her but can’t help leaning towards the sweet stuff!

Here are our Flower pot cookie cakes this is the recipe I am always begged to make but with a cake on the bottom and a cookie flower – these are strictly for special occasions only. (Does Friday count as a special occasion I wonder!)

flower pot cakes

3. Play dough

When I am doing the dinner I will often give the girls some play dough to play with. They all love it and I like the fact it can be easily scrunched up and put away ready to eat. There is something so stress relieving about play dough. I also like the fact it doesn’t matter what the end result is like. Saying that Molly loved making this pavlova made out of play dough – which was a good end result.

pavlova surprise

4. Dressing Up

Molly has only got into dressing up and role play recently. She always preferred small world toys before. Now she often wants to go out dressed as Snow White or a fairy. She loved dressing as the characters from the recent Avengers Assemble movie, especially Captain America. It’s so much fun being a super hero. She loves seeing herself in the film we made too. She was also keen to be The Cat in the Hat for World Book Day – shame her sisters weren’t so keen!

the cat in the hat costume

5. Painting

If ever I ask her what she wants to do Molly will choose painting (unless she can visit her cousins which is always top of the list). She likes free painting best where there isn’t too much emphasis on an end product. She also really enjoys painting outdoors – or doing something really messy like this spin painting. The best thing is this makes a lovely addition to her bedroom.

spin paintings

6. Anything Messy

Before now Molly hated getting messy – now she dives right it. Our mud pie kitchen was a particularly big hit.

mud pies
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