School Routine Printable – never forget your kids’ school stuff again

Our school routine sometimes doesn’t quite go as planned…

For example, last week we pulled up to the pavement in the car near the school gate, and both the kids fell out of the back seat, carrying various bags, bottles and other school paraphernalia.

“Mum, did you bring my violin?”

“Ooh – it’s Thursday isn’t it? You have a music lesson on a Thursday don’t you…”


“Then why are you telling me this just as we step out of the car opposite school. What do you expect me to do now, huh? I have to get to work. Bu**er: should I send the servant to get it? Did you bring your teleporter? Is it possible they have a spare? Do you really need a violin for a violin lesson, can’t you just wing it? Do I really have to waste half my morning going to get it for you?”

OK – so the last bit may only have happened in my head, but you get the gist.

My kids are 6 and 8, and even since they started school at 4 the amount of stuff I need to remember each and every day is ridiculous. I can barely keep control of my own stuff without adding the kids into the mix as well…

School Routine PrintableSo I got to work, and instead of doing all the other stuff I should have been doing, I decided we needed a school routine checklist. You can download it here: School Routine Printable PDF.

The idea is that this will tell me and the kids what we need and when. The kids can even take a bit of responsibility by checking everyday that they have got what they need. We have even managed to be organised enough to sort it out the night before.

You can either tick off what you need on which day and check you’ve got them as you leave OR you can tick things off as you go. Entirely up to you how you would with it. We prefer to use it as a final check as we are about it leave.

Because of this, it takes pride of place by the front door, so we know what we need before we actually end up on the pavement wondering where the violin went…

I am sharing it with you because I know that you will probably have violin mornings at school too. And if you haven’t had them yet, you sure as hell will soon.


Helen Neale is a freelance writer and social media bod who blogs are offering advice and printables to help parents with younger kids get through the day without reaching for the wine. Her personalised charts on the site are free to print too. Her “other” blog, is slightly messier, and chronicles the trials and tribulations of raising two kids with a diet coke in the hand, and a desperate wish for a bit more peace in the heart. She wouldn’t change anything, except perhaps to have a bit more chocolate without feeling guilty. She can be found on Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter far too much (probably).

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